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Add-ons for PublishPress

Content Checklist

This is a pre-publishing checklist that allows WordPress teams to specifiy tasks that must be completed before posts and pages are published.

Slack support for PublishPress

This add-on integrates PublishPress with Slack, so you can get comment and status change notifications directly on Slack.

More Add-ons Coming Soon

Pre-publishing checklists for WooCommerce

This add-on allows WooCommerce teams to define tasks that must be complete before products are published.

Advanced permissions for PublishPress

Due in late-2017, this add-on allows you to control which users can complete certain tasks, such as publishing content.

Multi-site and Multiple support for PublishPress

Due in mid-late 2017, this add-on enables PublishPress to support multiple WordPress sites. Write on one site, but publish to many sites.

Zapier support for PublishPress

Due in mid-2017, this add-on integrates PublishPress with Zapier, so you can send comment and status change notifications directly to Zapier.