Editorial Metadata in PublishPress

Metadata enabled you to keep track of important requirements for your content. This feature allows you to create fields and store information about content items.

By default, PublishPress provide 4 examples of metadata:

  • First Draft Date: a date field to show when the first draft needs to be ready
  • Assignment: a paragraph field to store a short explanation of the topic
  • Needs Photo: a checkbox field to show whether a photo is required
  • Word Count: a number field to show the required length of the post:

In total, there are 7 types of field available in PublishPress: Checkbox, Date, Location, Number, Paragraph, Text and User.

The image below is a preview of those 7 types of field. The Date field produces a pop-up calendar. The User field creates a list of WordPress users. The Location field produces a link to Google Maps.


Using the “Options” tab inside the PublishPress settings, you can assign metadata fields to different post types:

Where can Metadata be viewed?

This metadata is not publicly shown with the post. It can be updated on the right-hand side of the post creation screen:

If you set a metadata field to “Viewable”, it can be viewed in the WordPress admin and displayed on the Calendar screen, the Content Overview screen, and the List Posts screen.

Here are Viewable fields in the Calendar, when you click on an item:

Here are Viewable fields on the Content Overview screen:

Here are Viewable fields on the default WordPress posts screen:

in PublishPress

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