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Possibly the Best Editorial Calendar in WordPress

PublishPress is the WordPress plugin for people who really care about their content.

The new version of PublishPress is out today with a design overhaul for the content calendar, which allows you to plan and schedule all your posts.

The PublishPress calendar was based on a 7-year old design in the Edit Flow plugin. The new version provides a refresh so the calendar design looks great in all modern browsers.

We hope you’ll find PublishPress to be one of the best-looking editorial calendars in WordPress.

The image below gives you a preview:

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The Permissions Add-on for PublishPress is Here

By default, WordPress offers a fixed set of publishing permissions:

  • Contributors can write their own posts.
  • Authors can write and also publish their own posts.
  • Editors can edit and publish posts by anyone on the site.

There are some WordPress plugins that allow you to customize these permissions, but they’re all working within a limited set of options.

After talking to hundreds of companies, we’ve realized that many of you can’t fit your company’s processes around WordPress’ limitations:

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Add Any Rules You Want to the Content Checklist

The Content Checklist is a really useful add-on for anyone who cares about their WordPress content.

With Content Checklist, you can ask your writers to follow some default rules. For example, you can make your writers use a certain number of words, add a featured image, or use the excerpt box.

However, we heard from many Content Checklist users that you wanted to create your own rules. Good news: that’s now possible in version 1.2, which was released today!

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Do you really care about your WordPress content?

Yes? Then you know it’s hard to create consistent, high-quality posts.

It’s easy to change your approach from post to post, until you have a site full of messy content.

The answer is the Content Checklist add-on for PublishPress. This add-on allows you to set criteria that your writers should (or have to!) follow.

We’ve just updated the Content Checklist add-on. The new version of the checklist allows you to set a maximum and minimum value for categories, tags and words. For example, you can now ask your users to write between 100 and 500 words, or add between 3 and 5 tags.

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Say Hello to the Content Checklist for WordPress

Before you publish WordPress posts, do you have things you always check for?

  • A minimum number of words?
  • Yoast SEO green check marks for SEO and readability?
  • A certain number of categories and tags?
  • A featured image?

These checks are really useful if you publish a lot of content. Without a checklist like this, it can be hard to make sure all your content has the features you need.

Today, we’re releasing an add-on to PublishPress that helps you with these checks.

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EmbedPress Now Supports Wistia in WordPress

We’re huge fans of Wistia. They call themselves “your friendly neighborhood video platform”, and they do a good job of living up to that claim. Wistia is really easy-to-use, and a fun place to host your videos.

Talking of easy, the latest version of EmbedPress is the easiest solution if you want to use Wistia with WordPress.

All you need to do is grab the URL of your Wistia video and drop it into WordPress. The URL will automatically be transformed into a working video embed. More detailed Wistia instructions are here.

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Why Choose WordPress?

Introduction to WordPress

Are you looking for a website builder to build your own website? WordPress is one of the most powerful, user-friendly and flexible website builders in the world.

It powers 27% of all websites, including the New York Times, National Geographics and Forbes. And it is absolutely free.

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